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Measuring the professional term is introduced

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
In our everyday vision measurement, image measurement, often encounter some measurement terms, today specially collected some measure of jargon for details: 1. Measurements: in order to determine the value of an operation. 2. Measured values: from measuring equipment directly or through necessary calculated value. 3. Measurement accuracy, measurement results and the consistent degree of truth value is measured agreed. 4. In measurement repeatability: meet the following conditions, the same continuous measurement is measured, and the degree of agreement between the measured results. Including: the same measurement method; The same observer; The same measuring instrument; The same location; The same conditions of use; In a short time interval repeat. 5. Measurement reproducibility: change one or more of the following conditions, for continuous measurement of the same be measured respectively, and the degree of agreement between the measured results. Include: measuring method, the observer, measuring instrument, the location, the conditions of use, time, etc. 6. The uncertainty of measurement: characterized by measuring the true value in the value of the scope of the assessment. 7. Absolute error: measurement results and the difference between the true value is measured agreed. 8. Relative error: the absolute error of measurement and measuring the ratio of the true value. 9. Random error: in the same measure in the process of repeated measurements, changes in unpredictable ways of measuring error component. 10. System error: repeated measurement process is measured in the same, to maintain a constant or change in predictable ways of measuring error component. 11. Staff error: by measuring personnel error caused by subjective factors and operation technology. 12. Error: environment may change with the environment measurement error component. 13. Method error, measurement error caused by imperfect. 14. Adjust error: failed to adjust measuring instruments or object to be tested to the correct position or state caused by the error. 15. Reading error: as the observer for measuring error caused by inaccurate readings. 16. Parallax: observers observed deviate from the correct direction when reading or target caused by error. 17. For reading error: within the scope of the index value estimation error caused by reading. 18. Gross error: obviously the expected error within the prescribed conditions. 19. Power: measurement instruments measured surface of the piece to be measured ( Location) Measurements of pressure. 20. Measuring equipment, can be individually or together with other device, is used to determine geometric instruments of value.
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