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Mobile phone manufacturing industrial robot application present situation and the problems

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
Domestic robot industry is developing rapidly in the past two years, 3 c industry and car manufacturing industry has become a domestic robot's main market, in the 3 c industry, mobile phone manufacturing industry as labor and technology intensive industries, the most representative, at present, the mobile phone manufacturing giant foxconn, huawei, etc. , are more intelligent manufacturing equipment to improve production efficiency, the mobile phone industry automation application market potential is very large. Mobile robots in production application of automatic production line are divided into assembly lines and mobile phone accessories production line, the assembly process hundreds of way, and now the robot instead of the typical process is mainly in location relatively fixed phone shell polishing polishing and machine tools and materials, stamping, assembly, screen processing, packing, etc. Are more common in the mobile phone production line of industrial robot has six axis robot, Scara robot, AGV logistics robot, desktop soldering and dispensing robot, etc. 6 axis robot are used for handling and polished, Scara robot in assembly ( Especially the screw) , AGV is used for handling storage. Glue and soldering desktop robot used for glue and soldering. Robots are widely comparison process is to get some glue and screws, the two process operation is simple, and even cell phone updated frequently, as long as change the corresponding system parameters can also continue to use. Following from grinding precision and effect of the demand is higher, the radian of polishing and go line are important indicators, or in this program is widely applied abroad polishing robot. Assembly automation industry in the mobile robot application proportion is low, the assembly production line the dependence on skilled workers is large, but to realize the automatic assembly line of reform to improve the production efficiency of enterprises has great significance. The existing problems: (mobile phone industry automation 1) Flexibility problem now more and more kinds of mobile phone products, demand more and more personalized, robot with the standardization of production, scale, how to make the automation equipment to adapt to the flexible production into one of the biggest hurdles that mobile phone industry automation, implement change in production line, tooling and fixture rapid change is still an open question. ( 2) Return on investment problem automation high input costs, mobile phone brand sales and profits uncontrollable problem, especially with the popularity of smart phones, mobile phone manufacturing profit more and more weak, return on investment is mobile phone manufacturer especially focused on. And flexible production problems are closely linked, this problem can't realize flexible production, automation equipment is difficult to achieve the effective use of large-scale, intelligent factory is more difficult to achieve, the mobile phone industry in line frequency is about 6 months to 8 months, and automation equipment investment return cycle typically one to two years to work, if the whole line automation production investment return period is longer, the small and medium-sized mobile generation works survive into dilemma. ( 3) Cross-border integration problem there is a strange phenomenon in the industry, many manufacturing enterprises not to purchase automation equipment, unexpectedly is for semi-automatic or automatic equipment. And such a waste of money and the reason lies in the manufacture of automation equipment to comply with the company's production process, have not been familiar with the situation can't make the products, the production process is the key to the company's competition, to the third party production equipment, with the risk of leak trade secrets. The article from the network.
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