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One-click measuring instrument, one-click measuring instrument application in various industries

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Machine vision technology is the outcome of the development of science and technology, in order to better adapt to industry needs, are also constantly upgrading. One-click measuring instrument is the product of machine vision detection, bring a big boost to the production and manufacturing. Below to introduce you to a key type measuring instrument is widely used in each big industry. One-click measuring instrument is widely used in each big industry: 1, the application in the automobile industry in the automotive industry, the production batch inspection when necessary, the part with detection such as brake pads, and a key type of measuring instrument can batch testing workpiece size, simple operation, greatly reduced the production cost, save production time. 2, in the watch industry, the application of measuring instrument using one key optical non-contact measurement technology, enlarge the watch inside the image size and location of the various parts, high-precision measurements, such as aperture can also one-time multiple characteristic measurement of watches, fast output measurements. 3, the application of electronic components in electronic component is characterized by small, thin, soft, measurement data, one-click measuring instrument is not affected by the focal length of high and low, focal length height adjustment after imaging products, all are clear, with no shadow, not distort the high clear view. Within the same diameter field of vision, multiple workpiece measurement at the same time, need not straighten workpiece, greatly improve the efficiency of detection, for the product quality improvement on the wings to take off. One-click measuring instrument can also be applied to the metal workpiece inspection, medical, mobile phone size measurement, the plastic parts size detection, etc. , instead of artificial vision, improve the flexibility and automation of production.
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