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Overview about parallel coaxial light source

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Possible for most people, parallel coaxial light source is a relatively new concept, in fact, no matter what, parallel coaxial light source is a kind of light, it is for people to bring light, is compared with the traditional light source, its lighting is more uniform. Since parallel coaxial light source has such big benefits, let us know the specific parallel coaxial light source. 1. Parallel coaxial light introduced parallel coaxial light is also called the diffuse coaxial light, the light source is formed by the metal surface diffuse, such structure characteristics make it more uniform than traditional light source of lighting, which to a certain extent, improve the accuracy of the machine vision and reproducibility. 2. Parallel to the main application of coaxial light sources can be very good to avoid the reflection of the object, so the parallel coaxial reflection of light source is mainly used to detect some terrible of some object, with parallel coaxial light to detect this kind of glass is the most appropriate. The characteristics of parallel coaxial light source is that it can uniformly illuminated object plane, make the luster of plane homogeneous appear in people's eyes, which also can strengthen row carved and sag characteristics of the object, this makes the parallel coaxial light source can be precise positioning. 3. Parallel coaxial light front has said, the advantages of parallel coaxial light can highlight some uneven places on the surface of the object, in addition, parallel coaxial illuminant glance is able to overcome the surface because of some interference, so parallel coaxial light source is mainly used to test whether level off is smooth the surface of the object have bruising, scratches and foreign body is very fit. From the simple introduction above, we must know about parallel coaxial light source, there have been some, light has understanding is not enough, however, we need to make better use of it, want to maximize its role, make it is for this reason. Parallel coaxial light source as long as we put to good use, we can better detect objects, which can make things reach twice the result with half the effort.
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