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Parallel coaxial light than coaxial light is good?

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Machine vision detection system, the good quality of coaxial light utilization efficiency is highest, and the vast majority of light industry production testing of common light source in a ring. Parallel coaxial light is for coaxial light irradiation and upgrade, parallel coaxial light sources believe that the future will fully replace coaxial light source, is applied to all kinds of precision measurement of product quality testing and details. Coaxial light namely daily diffuse light mentioned, coaxial light sources were used to detect the product specular surface, light light hanging, perpendicular to the lens keep also detected, perpendicular to the lens between the three in the same axis, so called coaxial light source, and coaxial parallel light source is on the basis of the coaxial source diffuse irradiation improve coaxial light irradiation effect. Parallel coaxial light design several times add LED lights, brightness is higher than coaxial light source. So some people think the cooling is one of the major problems of parallel coaxial light source. In fact, parallel coaxial light source adopts special patent heat dissipation structure, compared with coaxial light source, the effect of heat dispelling better, irradiation will not produce because of voltage flicker fluctuations, service life is coaxial light source for several times, in order to reduce the light loss, parallel coaxial light source in the production and production on the LED to use advanced coating spectroscope, light objects and back machine vision camera image clearer. Detection of high reflectivity can use both coaxial source object, you can also use the parallel coaxial light source, such as new metal kitchen knife, glass surface, film and the surface of the DVD, etc. In addition, parallel coaxial light irradiation axis can deviate from the object, through the other perspective illuminate objects, to achieve a wider scope of application, such as the structure of the chip testing and silicon crystal damage inspection and so on. In addition to the application in specular reflection product testing using reliable parallel coaxial light source from the Angle of product surface is uneven, highlight the unqualified products printing in machine vision and related damage problem. To sum up, parallel coaxial light source is in the field of machine vision, instead of coaxial light source, new types of comprehensive promotion light source.
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