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Parallel LED back light market application in what state

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Parallel LED back light was born in the 1960 s, more than one hundred years happens every few decades a huge technological leap. With its low-power, green environmental protection, uniform brightness, good heat dissipation, light and convenient features, today has developed into a nearly billions of industry output value, and promote the car outside, with the rapid development of lighting industry. So, parallel LED back light of today's market application status? First, the first-class parallel back to efficient side lighting back light is most striking, compared with LCD has used long life, high luminous efficiency, market price higher apparent characteristics. The price of good quality low parallel back light has been widely used in portable portable electronic products, such as mobile phones, watches, tablet, calculator, POS machine, etc. Technological advances also apply its market to more frivolous, more saving resource, greener direction. Second, parallel back light of professional development since 2010, with mercury-free green environmental protection, the regional dynamic control back light, low carbon energy saving, ultra-thin streamline appearance, high color reducibility of realistic display and other significant advantages, coupled with the latest technologies of light guide plate with large size, to make them available in the market opened on the new situation. Future ultra-thin, energy conservation, environmental protection, high quality parallel LED back light colour, will certainly become the important pillar of light industry. Parallel back light in the end, but good reputation in the market are not all on the application of advantages, the current technology, power consumption is still the problem of LED backlight module must overcome the important topic, advanced master in a few vendors, it also brought certain difficulty to its popularity. Popular parallel back light technology itself also has the certain development bottleneck, two aspects of the luminous efficiency and heat dissipation is not fully mature. But in the long run market application trends, parallel LED back light, as a good replacement type of new technology, with the continuous development of industry, application area of the growing popularity of the market.
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