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Parallel to the back light will upgrade four technology

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Only continuous innovation have a way out, parallel back light industry workers and this is dark. Although parallel back light has electronics, home appliances is lighter, effect is becoming more and more good, but do you want to be the first-class parallel back light, but also constantly updated, in the future, back light will upgrade four technology, make the further application of parallel back light. Super-thin CPT is not the most thin, only thinner, used to describe the parallel back light technology perfect. LCD TV now only agent of traditional cold cathode fluorescent lamp, but that is far from achieving the degree of the thinnest, so professional parallel back light technology in the future will also be towards this trend. Without borders, although temporarily impossible true without borders, but it will be the back light technology to after the ultra-thin without borders will be another peak of LCD TV design. More efficient now on TV back light is given priority to with straight down type, the driver needs to use converter technology, power consumption is big. In fact straight down type LED back light has a breakthrough technology - — Dynamic back main technology, it greatly reduces the back light power consumption, but thicker, it makes the TV doesn't accord with our her beautiful, convenient. So late launch side emitting large size LCD, satisfied is thinner and more beautiful, lighter, more economic needs. Heat resistance better heat dissipation problem is all electronic products need to solve the problems, and now large size LCD TV to the cooling requirement of the article LED lights is higher. The trend of late from the consideration on the LED packaging technology, the heat dissipation material directly to the packaging to internal, achieve better heat dissipation effect. Now is developing professional there are a number of parallel back light technology, suitable for all kinds of screen display. In addition to the low energy, more economical and practical, its service life, safety is also higher. In addition, in addition to technology, also in the attention from the design, use of drive circuit, complete different luminance and chrominance mixing technology, meet the demand of mass production, successfully reduce the cost.
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