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by:Fugen      2020-06-21
PART II: THE GOD IS LIGHT EXPERIMENT! The following copyrighted experiment will prove that God is Light: Original Title: Human-Based Research to Solve the Superstring Theory: Optimizing the Human Personality and Proving that God is Light Author: Copyright 2008-02-1 by Dr. Henry Madison Jacobs MULTIFAITH RELIGIOUS EXAMPLE OBJECTIVE: Experienceing this Personality of Christ and the Founders of Other Major Religions NULL HYPOTHESIS: The numerous assertions by Jesus your market Christian Bible, as well as together with founders of other major religions, that 'God is Light' aren't literally genuine. ALTERNATE HYPOTHESIS: 'God is Light, even in him are very few darkness in.' (1 John 1:5) Such statements by Jesus and other founders are both literally and metaphorically dead-on. EXPLORATORY RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Groups of no above what ten individuals (preferably who already know each other) are guided in taking three psychology tests; as well doing a guided evaluation of their own test results; and in predicting their very 'personality shapes and colours.' Then a MRI-type tomography device is required to check their predictions. Each participant can keep their test results and personality colors confidential, when prefer. This is followed by 'a group consensus-seeking process' (developed by Andrea Delbecq) that never fails, in order to help each group to do an assessment concerning the validity of the alternate hypothesis; and if deemed valid, then explore how this new knowledge might promote spiritual growth and world peace. After testing 160 individuals so far (twenty-five under controlled conditions), my research suggests a 93% correlation between (1) the colorful physical energy vibrations that your body give off, (2) three Harvard TAT social motives, (3) color choices, and (4) personality characteristics. This multidisciplinary research program involves use of process-optimization methods to optimize man's personality in these diverse groups as: * MBA graduate student project teams; * Creating effective real and nominal work group teams in mission- and task- oriented organizations; * Optimizing student attitudes, character, and performance in potential fans and patrons universities and schools methods a multidisciplinary scientific program instead found in a particular religion; and * Scientists seeking resolve the Superstring Theory of Everything, for reasons explained below. EVIDENCE THAT JESUS AND FOUNDERS OF OTHER MAJOR RELIGIONS SOLVED THE SUPERSTRING LONG AGO: Original Title: All Life as Particles Controlled by Motivated Photons: The 'Physics' of Psychology Proves the 'Psychology' of Physics Copyright 2007-12-24 by Expert. Henry M. Jacobs In order to study particle physics and quantum mechanics from 'an Einstein perspective,' that is amazing you may be gigantic special type of living 'particle,' much one your own cells -- or any cell with a 'nucleus command center' in the animal kingdom of which mankind is just one of the countless forms of living energy in which we call 'life.' Our own body's living energy is contained within membranes (just like cells) that we call affected. Our particle structure consists of strands of protein (same as cells) that we call muscles, but within turn our case are connected with a skeletal framework. Contained within this cell-like structure are our organs, which perform more-complex-but-similar functions on the simple organelles of any living animal-cell-type of 'particle.' It follows from Einstein's special theory of relativity, that photons are vibrating strings ( -- -- -- ) when driving waves, shield for your windshield 'at rest' within 'particles' like us, they become vibrating circles ( o o o ) simply take also be depicted as vibrating 'six-pointed stars' (described below). [Technical Note #1: My research points too the photon(s) within any cell nucleus may express seven different intelligent energy vibrations (i.e., motive-combinations) in chemical form by associated with the nucleoprotein chemical 'chromatin,' which is capable of transmitting the 4 basic TAT color-vibrations red (control), blue (achievement), yellow (affiliation), and white (all three motives), in order to preserve and employ instructions on the form different combinations belonging to the four amino acids contained in DNA.] Now suppose that the intelligent energy which isn't in command of my living 'body particle' is a single photon of light located inside our 'midbrain cell nucleus' in the top for the spine, the so-called 'reptilian brain' where color option is made. Visualize that your 'soul' is that photon! We know our midbrain is hard-wired to three places: (1) the anterior pituitary gland nearby that controls another six ductless endocrine glands that regulate the body machinery; (2) the rear cortex of the brain, which gives us our own 'analog computer' similar in function in order to some programmed hard-drive; and (3) the color cones the eyes, which chemically determine the exact combinations of your energy vibrations which might be contained within incoming photons of light from the virtual 'sea of photons' that permeate the entire universe at all quantum amount. [Technical Note #2: Even within non-living 'atom particles' at the subatomic associated with 'quarks,' photons appear alter motive-colors (or resist change) as they interact with their current situation in a process called 'quantum chromodynamics,' just as our own personality-motive-colors change (or resist change) as our current life situation changes.] So conventional therapy we need computer simulations to study particle physics and quantum mechanics? Test simply study ourselves although for a Theory of all things? My research website and workshops empower virtually any intelligent educated person to prove my theory for themselves, depending on reliable feedback from: (1) the Harvard Thematic Apperception Test, or TAT, that reveals significant combination of three social motives a person need to are presently using when controlling your current life situation; (2) Max Luscher's eight-panel Short Color Test Manual from the 1940s, this helps you to evaluate your social motives in working with your current life situation; (3) Taylor Hartman's personality characteristics test that is contained in his recent book, The Color Code; and (4) a MRI-type tomography device that was recently designed by Guy Coggins, who used to be an engineer at Hewlett-Packard - or it could be use a MRI machine if you can afford attain so. For my schematic of Jacobs Ladder in my website, I have taken seven of the eight possible TAT attitude-motive combinations (and their generic personalities) containing motives and formed may ladder, the new 'authoritarian personalities' (and their related worldviews), that cause the most dysfunctional behavior (like needless wars and needless adversarialism in society), near the bottom on the ladder and also the white 'reconciling personality' in the top. These seven universal generic personalities are color-coded in order to suit both (1) everything provides been learned from color-choice psychology simply because 1940s and (2) the biofeedback from this tomography device invented by Guy Coggins. Now compare all with the above with Garrett Lisi's new computer simulation model on 'the physics preprint archive' at furthermore in the 11-17-07 issue of the journal NewScientist. The six-pointed star of his schematic is the symbol for your seven colorful 'personality rays' of (1) ancient Hinduism, with the white moderate reconciling personality in the center. It additionally the same as the Star of David of (2) Judaism. My version of Jacobs Ladder is just an alternate schematic of the same seven colorful attitude-motive-combinations, based on (3) color choice psychology and (4) the three spirits of the Holy Trinity of Christianity and (5) the physics of motivation (spirituality). Add the eighth 'no motives at all' set to these seven attitude-motive-combinations and obtain (6) the Tao of Buddhism. Pretty much all this also satisfies (7) the mathematics of the Superstring Theory of Each thing. After using my world wide research website and/or workshops to prove every one this for yourself, for a family, for your work colleagues, and to the close friends; then forever-after, whenever view a rainbow, you can see 'the psychology of physics'-- and of God! Intelligent E = MC squared [Technical Note #3: These three colorful intelligent subatomic vibrations by the photon and also its superpartner the 'photino' may explain (1) intelligent design, (2) intelligent fractile behavior in chaos theory, (3) the so-called 'missing dark energy' in the universe, and (4) may also prove how the Big Bang Theory is false!] FOOTNOTE: Shortly afterwards I sent this article in an e-mail to CERN in Switzerland, they postponed beginning the big particle accelerator, due to 'electrical complications.'
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