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Plastic part size detecting application cases

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
With the rapid development of plastic industry and to improve the performance of plastic, plastic has been more widely used, are different fields, replacing the traditional metal pieces of plastic parts, a reasonable design of plastic parts often can replace traditional multiple metal parts, so as to achieve the purpose of simplify the structure of products, saving the cost of manufacturing. So more and more strict to the quality of the plastic. In order to guarantee the product quality can meet the demand of production of plastic parts, usually need to test in two directions: artifacts dimension measure and defect detection. Can be used in plastic size measurement, one-click measuring instrument, the system with machine vision software intelligence to read 2 d parts of all sizes, eliminate the influence of artificial lighting and people focus on measuring. After leaving only press a key to get true objective testing data. One-click image vision measuring instrument of up to 130 * 97 mm. 8 mm, can measure multiple dimensions at the same time, even increase the measuring position, also won't take measure time; Device can autofocus, and an intelligent light source regulating function, avoid the light to adjust different produce error. Suitable for distance and radius, arc and Angle measurement.
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