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POMEAS double telecentric lens imaging principle

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
Introduce POMEAS double telecentric lens imaging principle is through the placed in the middle of the lens aperture, make the in and out of the double telecentric lens center of the main light must through the aperture, the other light is aperture shade, cannot reach imaging chips, while the object side and side of the main light must be parallel to the optical axis into double telecentric lens. Parallel to the incident light to ensure the enough depth range, from the double telecentric lens parallel light is to ensure the even if the distance is within the scope of the depth of field changes greatly, imaging magnification will not change. Due to the double telecentric lens through complex and special structural design, make double telecentric lens can get clear image within a certain range, at the same time the light path has the characteristics of the parallel to the optical axis, eliminate the phenomenon of the edge of the dispersion circle. After using the POMEAS double telecentric lens, party to solve the problem of depth of field, as the magnification change solution. About double telecentric lens selection and some other technical problems, solution etc. Please inquire: 400 - 646 - 9-6658076 22660867.
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