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Several features of parallel coaxial light source

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Principle of coaxial parallel light illumination mainly in coaxial with translucent half reflective glass in the lamp, the high brightness high density of the LED array is arranged on the circuit board to form a surface light source, light emitted from the light source through the transparent glass, so the light by total reflection vertical first according to the measured object, from the reflection on the vertical object to be tested through a semi-permeable vexed glass into the camera. This way of lighting not only eliminates the reflective, but can also avoid the reflection of image vision in head, can be the camera capture image for further analysis and processing. Let's look at the characteristics of parallel coaxial light source: a, parallel coaxial light source is used in the advanced filter and half reflective glass, can effectively reduce the loss in the process of reflection of light, which can be effective to accept the image presented to illuminate objects, and can clearly reflect the concave and convex surfaces. Second, parallel coaxial light source can be used in matching optical plastic film, the emergence of a but appear in a particular direction of astigmatic can use immediately to avoid less astigmatism. Three, parallel coaxial light source device is used by wave soldering process, its flank and front can be more convenient to install, so its assembly is very simple and convenient operation. Four, parallel coaxial light source is using high density combination principle of the whole column, can avoid ghosting in the traditional way of lighting, blind area and fuzzy phenomenon to appear. It is because it has a bright and uniform lighting light source can cover the whole field of view, so it is often used as a test in the process of mirror finishing scratches there is no ideal light source. Parallel coaxial light source with can reduce the astigmatism, and can clear height is according to the details of the object image, etc, are widely used in various lighting detection and camera light, etc. Parallel coaxial light source is a kind of new light source technology, its research and development should keep up with the trend of The Times, constant innovation development, to make the future practical application of parallel coaxial light source has been present in front of us.
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