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Fugen Team Building

Fugen Team Building


"The first summer is still green, and the grass is still fresh."


In this very comfortable season of late spring and early summer, all my colleagues from Shanghai headquarters of fugen science and technology participated in the game group construction activity held by our company. In the game to increase the solidarity and interaction of the family.


We divided into yellow and blue teams for PK:

The first project is to step on the balloon, we try our best to step on the other team's feet of the balloon, the scene is very fierce, it is a high test of physical strength and endurance, stalemate to the end of the players are about to collapse, ha ha, tired and happy.

Next is the table tennis relay, competition is the coordination of the two teams and speed and agility.

Then came to the most intense "tear brand" activities, and its test of everyone's physical strength and flexibility, play to the end of the players are almost down on the ground, there are members of the enemy players on the ground turned over two circles to tear down the brand, it can be used to describe the soul-stirring.

Finally something less strenuous... But it's super! Level! Difficult! The whole team straightens the rope to bounce the ball with the drum, which is really a test of teamwork and great skill. Until we want to give up one minute... But still insist on, the final performance is getting better and better, although it is far from breaking the highest record, but we have been very happy for their progress.

Next is the relay competition, we are very concerted, hard to run, although there are some mistakes, but finally completed all the projects.

Next is the most "rough" most test of our physical strength of the tug of war, two wins of the three games, we try our best, even on the grass have stepped out of the deep footprints, the end is almost tired down...

Finally, it's the turn of the most anticipated game -- the human "CS". It's the first time many of us have ever had a gun like this, and it's really cool to wear camouflage body armor.

We are looking forward to the growing team of fugen family to provide better service for every customer.