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Smart people cervix thermometer can be applied to the scene?

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Gradually low, but the current epidemic situation data due to return to work and production of enterprises, public places, the traveling scenic area gradually open, make the staff of mass flow. New coronavirus is one of the main symptoms of fever, in order to prevent the epidemic spread again, temperature detection become necessary means and measures of screening patients. Especially in public places like railway stations, factories, schools, such as personnel more scenarios, using traditional thermometer for temperature measurement, test speed, low detection efficiency, manpower cost is larger, the testing data can real-time feedback, unable to make timely response. Contactless smart person cervix thermometer is by detecting the body temperature, can be simple, safe, intuitive, accurate search, judge whether there is a temperature anomalies, quickly take measures to solve prevent heat flow of people. Greatly increases the temperature of the person the cervix precision, accuracy is + / - 0. 2 ℃, the foot traffic channel, etc, do not need to be measured staff actively cooperate with, only a worker can control the scene, greatly reduced the risk of cross infection. Intelligent person cervix thermometer can also be installed in office buildings, staff quarters, factories, Banks, such as campus of inward and outward, can effectively reduce the staff contact, queuing time saving, safety protection starts to return to work, build a wall.
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