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Strip light have what advantages compared with ring light source

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
According to different light sources can be divided into circular distribution shape and form two kinds. Circular light source is formed by LED small light tightly rule arrangement, different size of the lamp can be of different size of light source, and every planet LED lights can be tilted to the center of radiation from any Angle. And while a strip light source is composed of leds densely arranged, but its light is using the same uniform irradiation method, so you can keep the light pace is the same. Compared to these two kinds of light source, light direction is different, and the strip light source advantage in where? 1, easy to install. The same process of two kinds of light source, but installed the nut bar light back design, can adjust the size of sliding, so don't have to be adjusted during installation. And can install according to need any cutting, compared with ring light source, this design makes the bar light sources in daily application installation more convenient. 2, long service life. Used on the strip light shell material of wear resistant solid aluminium magnesium alloy, and its internal design for a cooling groove, fully effective guarantee the stability of the LED light particles, uniformity, and at the same time, on the other hand, the advantage is in the bar light was after long time continuous use can automatically heat, avoid high heat to the damage of lamps and lanterns. So it is much more long than the service life of ring light source. 3, to save energy. Strip light source is a product mechanization, all light bar is composed of the same specifications of the molding design, can be mass production, this saves energy and cost. And strip light cooling groove can be automatically cooling, do not need the cold water cooling, also save the energy. Relative to the ring light, strip light energy saving, convenient installation, longer service life cycle. The advantages of strip light source, therefore, should not be neglected, the role of it in industrial production and People's Daily life also is indispensable. Although, of course, the obvious advantages of strip light, but the ring light source also has its characteristic and advantage of cannot be replaced.
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