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Strip light source can be divided into which a few kinds?

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Light source is the order of the LED bar uniform arrangement, distinctive bar structure of terry, due to the strip light source of high brightness, high stability, and its excellent light, usually is widely applied in the detection. Just what kind the strip light? From light bar width, the type of LED light bar, we can classify it. 1. From the width of strip light to strip light from its width points can be divided into wide strip light and narrow strip light. Although the two strip light source are closely arranged leds on the circuit board, but due to the different width, use changed also. The width of the wide strip light source is wide, wide exposure, commonly used in large area of the surface of the object detection. Narrow strip light source area are small volume, light range is not big, but multifaceted irradiation Angle, general packaging for small Angle measure words, barcode. 2. From the type of light source, LED bar points because of the large lamp lights and LED lights have small Angle Angle top light, strip light source can be divided into direct plug-in LED bar light sources and patch type LED light bar. Upright type LED bar light lamp LED lights tightly by small Angle distribution, and narrow strip light source, it can be used to check objects illuminated by multi-angle, directional well, but its bright light stability. Patch type LED light bar is the top by large Angle distribution and LED lights, the light even, high brightness, and reduce energy consumption, long service life, and therefore is widely used in industrial inspection, such as metal surface inspection, surface crack detection, etc. For the classification of strip light source, is people to strip light have more detailed understanding. Though, both wide and narrow strip type illuminant, or direct plug-in, SMD type LED light bar, they are all composed of LED lamp is arranged, and applied to detect, but in our according to the properties of the light bar, after classifying different light bar, people in the industry or daily use light bar operations, will have different choice.
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