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Summary of parallel back light and what is the principle

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Parallel to the back light as well as point source is the ideal state of the light source, nowadays optical principle has been applied in every aspect of life. Before used in the large mechanized production, now with social popular intelligent application, such as LCD, LED screen increasing. A lot of people to professional parallel back light know little, then what is specialized in the parallel back light, and its action principle? Point light is ideal for particle in all directions from the light source of light, the popular parallel back light is idealized, parallel no divergent light sources emit light point source, is its small ball, the ball can glow, light from any Angle is the same for the up and down or so bright. Parallel light source is the direction of the light is the same, so no matter in the distance from the point of view, the bright spot made by the shape and size are the same. Good reputation parallel back light is light in the process of transmission, it have stayed in a wave of flat beam, target parallel light using target point lights, can adjust the color and position of lamplight, and rotating light in 3 d space. Parallel back light, good quality low price LED uniform after structure optimization in or around the bottom of the light source, the diffuse light guide on the surface after forming a uniform irradiation light, dressed in our families, depending on the design of slice, its light source brightness can be increased by 20% to 50%, and is superior to other similar source market. Usually used for silhouette detection. Will this series of light source combined with other light source, can be achieved at the same time detection, and greatly shorten the testing time. Understand the basic knowledge of parallel back light and in the light of the principle, in the process of the propagation can be simple and clear to understand why it can be widely used in various fields. In electronics manufacturing, automotive industry, food, health, beauty, such as health care industry specific selected in and procurement will be able to choose good quality low prices parallel back light supplier.
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