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Sweep line light source in the application of the life and production

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
In the modern human society, the development and progress of science and technology enables us to more easily to satisfy various needs become different life and production requirements, as different types of gas application, development and processing of different energy and so on, and the different light source is obtained by different material and circuit board structure has become the necessities of daily life and production. To highlight line light source as a kind of high density, uniformity, good light source has breakthrough technology bottlenecks, widely used in all aspects of life and production. First, the sweep line light source in the application of the modern printing industry. For large area printing work of industrial printing color discrimination precision demand is higher, and because the traditional light source spectrum area is lesser, can't accurate to slight degree, and has a wide distribution spectrum, high beam density of the line light source is the obvious choice. Second, sweep line light source in the application of the modern art photography. This kind of light source with its ultra high luminous flux and extremely uniform properties and stability of light source, can be in the modern photography with the line scan camera use, improve the level of the condenser and the quality of imaging for the modern art photography work provides a strong hardware support. Third, sweep line light source in a variety of printed materials, the use of crystal vessel inspection link. This aspect of the application is also a sweep line light source of high brightness and high degree of uniformity, the uniform beam and cover to ensure that we are for products such as glass, crystal, thin film on the detecting a particle and bubble, product quality and function of residual impurities. Fourth, a sweep line light source that is worth of trust has been applied in the high precision glassware, chemical production of thin films and the breakage of the detection precision instrument internal film, this kind of test for many of the normal use of equipment and utensils and operation has extremely important significance. Professional line sweep light source through all kinds of equipment and/or the carrier, under the modern technical processing to become a kind of provide service for residents of modern industrial production and daily life of the technology products. And made in different fields and life as its spiritual culture in the field of application, also to some extent promote the development of the industrial manufacturing technique, has improved people's quality of life.
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