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Sweep line light source product installation considerations

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Sweep line light source is mainly as a kind of detecting light source is applied to various products, similar to that of crystal products, glass and glass products, high precision thin film and film products interior impurity detection and so on have been used to highlight line light source. And this kind of light source because of its high density arrangement and manufacturing method, can guarantee the detection accuracy and without omission in the process of, but we are to install on their products should also pay attention to the following several aspects to ensure its efficiency and safety of use: 1, the quality of a material is brittle, leds and lenses should avoid knock against, friction. Professional line sweep light through the lens of high quality LED point light source integration and installation, can make the concentrated effect is superior to the traditional light source, and so we should be in the process of installation and transportation to perfectly protect the core components of the two, in order to prevent the damage caused by accidental impact product; 2, pay attention to the circuit line load to ensure chy-tech installation within specified load. Due to sweep line light source is typically used for product surface damage degree and the internal impurity detection, so it will be used during installation is relatively high density arrangement, so that it may because there is no comparing with line load, lead to line overload accident conditions; 3, ensure the installation process, power supply circuit in the closed state. Although this kind of sweep line light source products of electric volt and current input is low, but in order to avoid accidental life damage, please do not charged homework to ensure power supply not open; 4, check whether the controller signal line pressing end is complete, whether information line through to the right. Sweep line light source controller on line pressing accuracy requirement of the product is higher, we should confirm before electricity test terminal is connected by a screw press line, so that it can effectively avoid damage because the flow situation of main control terminal; 5, before the electric test, should confirm that the 220 v ac power has been successfully connected, and check each port and electricity are in good condition. We sweep on line light source related products for installation should be operated by the above considerations, to stringent requirements of every detail, in order to realize the products use efficiency. Under the modern manufacturing technology, word of mouth good sweep line light source have been adopted to prevent the accident caused power outages and conductive lines and light damage to the protective device, and we also need to be in the process of using reasonable maintenance.
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