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Sweep line light source what specific features and advantages

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
To love photography and photographic equipment have certain research friend to sweep line light source the vocabulary will not feel strange, as a widely used in photography, camera equipment of uniform light source, it can meet the requirements of the camera's flash, exposure imaging, at the same time it also be regarded as a test scan light source are widely used in many test and production process, especially the need to continuous operation under the condition of fast, its function and play more and more obvious advantages: first, as I mentioned the highlighted line scan light as a kind of common imaging light cameras used in photography, it can in high-end photography, continuous photography to ensure the imaging quality of the camera and light source collection; At the same time, also has to eliminate photography object caused by reflective metal ghosting, liquid crystal, crystal surface ghosting and other issues. Second, sweep line light source adopts high power, high density of the LED light source is arranged, makes the present in light source brightness, brightness stability is better than the traditional light source, light evenness on form, and this advantage also makes its first close production, testing to show a higher accuracy and precision, to ensure the production of high efficiently, brought the cost of higher profit margins for business operators. In addition, sweep line light source can be applied to a valid reflective object detecting, filming, etc. Due to sweep line light source related products production material is more special, make its have multifaceted, halfmirror have prevent reflective, astigmatism and practical function, to ensure the related products in the application in the product efficiency of impurity detection and camera flash exposure. First-class sweep line light source related products through the manufacture of the more high demand, high precision, and is widely used in photographic camera outside of many industries, such as large area to detect printing, greatly with high precision printing, textile dyeing, and so on have begun to sweep line light source is used as foundation detection light source, and the specific features and advantages for its wider markets and more reliable use effect.
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