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Telecentric lens aperture compared with ordinary lens artifacts

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
Introduce telecentric lens relative to the ordinary lens, has the constant magnification, not changes with the depth of field, ignoring such advantages. POMEAS below small make up using telecentric lens aperture to do experiments with ordinary lens artifacts, more can see effect. Figure 1 image with normal lens. Because ordinary camera vision, focusing on error, aperture walls are prone to shadow, to extract the inner hole edge, inaccurate data, the accuracy is not high. Figure 2 with telecentric lens image. Telecentric lens parallel light characteristics, to ensure that the pore size measurement will not produce shadows, contour data accurate, clear, do not need to do too much correction of image. Telecentric lens suitable for detecting thickness of pore size, measurement of edge extraction demanding applications, sizing industry.
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