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Telecentric lens in the application of stamping visual inspection system

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Modern production and processing, has been inseparable from the application of stamping parts. And the quality level of the stamping parts is essential to the manufacture, so the manufacturers in quality control has been maintained a high degree of attention. Now have high-speed, stable and precise machine vision systems, quality control methods are to upgrade step by step, to talk about today's machine vision system in the application of stamping parts detection. Currently on the market a machine vision system is suitable for the electrical industry such as stamping plant, automobile parts, stamping plant, special stamping plant and other industries, and basic have can detect the distance between any parts stamping edge; Whether there is skewed, missing, size, defects such as bad and can automatic statistics a good product and bad product, the total number, etc. Double telecentric optical lens with large depth of field, constant ratio, Gao Pingxing degree, low distortion, etc, is applied to the image obtained by stamping in the visual inspection system without shadow, high edge sharpness, no depending almost small problem. Can better identify product defects, improve the detection efficiency.
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