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Telecentric lens in the spring the application of the visual inspection

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
In the industrial automation production line, the quality of the spring testing project is more, the most representative is spring size and Angle measurement. Traditional spring visual inspection, due to the common industrial camera nearly depending the characteristics of small and edge distortion in the actual process of imaging, can lead to a proportion of imaging objects have different degrees of change, the edge is not fixed, after completion of the calibration of the changes in the process of measurement results, lead to measure Angle and size precision is not high. Use double telecentric lens, both in and out of the lens of the light as the parallel light, filter out all the rest of the diffuse light source, and in this way, no matter what the distance change, can't change the magnification, whether spring size and defect is clear, and can solve the production line at the same time uncontrollable shaking effect the precision of the system problems, can be used in many high accuracy on-line detection requirements.
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