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Telecentric lens which can be applied to the industry?

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
A common application scenario 1 of telecentric lens. Precision parts telecentric lens use is the most common measurement precision machinery parts size. Such as spring, screw, nut and washer, etc. 2. Plastic parts measurement telecentric lens is another major application of the measurement of rubber seal, o-rings and plastic blocks, etc. Its characteristic is because in the mobile, easy deformation measurement, need to use the non-contact optical measurement techniques. 3. Electronic measuring electronic components need small telecentric lens check its integrity, location, size, specification and pins camber, to check the electronic board spacing of each element. Other electronic products, such as the transistor and IC circuit using telecentric lens is required to detect the size and the location of the connection point, while the circuit board is often used to control the distance between the electronic components. 4. Other applications telecentric lens and some other USES, such as: 1. Particle measurement; 2. Printing color measurement; 3. Lithography mask layer measurement; Telecentric lens all independent design and production, factory direct sales, price concessions, after-sales guaranteed. More, a variety of models to meet the needs of customers of different industries.
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