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The application of industrial camera in the phone

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
At present, we have more kinds of mobile phone models and on the market, consumers of mobile phone screen size, resolution, etc according to requirements also more and more high, in order to improve product quality, prevent bad product into the customer, handset makers multichannel detection is required before they go out. Mobile phone screen defect detection is an important process before leaving the factory, the common defects are: the phone's screen bad point, splash, light-leaking, etc. At present there are still some enterprises using artificial methods detection screen flaws. Very low efficiency of this method is time-consuming and laborious, the testing results of the vulnerable people technology, experience and subjective factors, such as fatigue, lack of accuracy and standardization, to guarantee the quality of products. Machine vision industry camera detection system, solved by light transparent the phone's screen, screen frame reflection caused by the traditional optical system cannot detect small scars on the screen surface or margin features, and due to the reflection, light and shadow, to the influence of bleaching and transition zone between the screen and frame, form the diffuse band, lead to boundary extraction of low accuracy, can not accurately measure the actual size of the screen. Also perfect solved the artificial detection labor intensity big, strong subjectivity, low efficiency and so on.
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