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The application of telecentric lens in the circuit board

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
In the electronics industry production, circuit board is important artifacts, production demand is very big also, in the process of machining, the circuit board will appear some problems: virtual welding, adhesion, such as copper foil from falling out. Once the circuit board. These defects will affect the entire production process, so the big manufacturers are of the utmost importance to the circuit board testing. Circuit board defect detection includes two parts: the solder joint defect detection and components, including circuit of capacitance need to detect face the slots on both sides with or without lead Angle, camber, offset, filming the difficulty lies in the condenser end face and groove surface color is consistent, it is hard to determine whether capacitor lead Angle in the slots, or outside the tank, the capacitance end face and groove surface must be obvious distinguish, in order to detect recognition. Using ordinary industrial camera cannot differentiate between capacitance end face and groove surface, more fuzzy imaging end face can't be measured with test software, using telecentric lens, with millions of charge-coupled industrial camera and visual light source capacitance end face and groove can be faceted clear distinction, it is easy to judge the defect detection software type, improve the efficiency of detection, speed up the production schedule.
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