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The application of telecentric lens in the phone's screen

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
In the detection system of the phone's screen, when we adopt large magnification lens, although can get a very clear picture, convenience of analysis, but such a plan every time shooting range is too small, a screen may be hundreds of times to shoot, predictably low efficiency. When we use a high resolution camera and ordinary industrial camera, during the filming of a overall picture of the screen resolution is not enough, can't be able to distinguish each pixel of image effectively. With software after reading will find that each physical quantity, color values of pixels in the pixel is very unstable, not according to the pixel gray level and RGB worth to accurate test results, that is to say, the test cannot achieve. Also can make the picture appear high frequency stripe. Moore lines is irregular, so there is no evidence of shape, therefore in the process of image processing such as can't use filtering method for denoising, seriously affect the detection process. But when we introduce the double telecentric lens in the screen test system, and with a high resolution linear array camera phone's screen, the effect is very good, can not only eliminate the disturbing Moore grain, also effectively solve the problem of the phone's screen test, to improve the efficiency of industrial production.
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