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The application of the industrial camera in auto parts detection system

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
As car processing technology of ascension as well as the trend of modularization, the structure of auto parts is becoming more and more complex, appearance also presents a variety of trends. This product after the molding size detection has brought certain difficulties. The traditional test method of auto parts size due to the limitation of conditions, can only use manual way, professional testing personnel with micrometer measuring tools such as measurement of the size of products to all parts. But due to the shape of the car parts is very complex, often a product of as many as dozens of measuring point, this measure a product will need to spend a lot of time, there is a low measuring efficiency and low sampling precision, low sampling frequency and data missing and manual input error, this measure is not suitable for modern management at the same time, unable to cope with the data processing and data real-time supervision, etc. Some auto parts production enterprise, in production, they adopted the gigabit network industrial camera to detect the core of automatic test system, the system has a fast measurement, high reliability and high accuracy of measurement, makes the product shape detection speed greatly accelerated.
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