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The application of the industrial camera in the laminating machine

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Fully automatic laminating machine, it is a necessary equipment in the production of liquid crystal displays, used in liquid crystal display process after production, in the back of the LCD glass substrate according to the polarization Angle is attached with a polaroid. Also suitable for touch components and Windows protection form the various combinations of technology, with high efficiency, convenient counterpoint, high product yield, etc. High speed automatic laminating machine for integrated para joint system, an industrial computer can connect to multiple industrial camera at the same time, through the high-speed data acquisition multiple images of the camera for data analysis and image processing for para nicely. Industrial camera in the laminating machine advantages: 1, industrial camera size and lightweight, easy to install, can greatly reduce equipment footprint; 2 application, connection, can handle multiple industrial digital camera at the same time to collect data and image display; 3, support triggered by light source, camera mode, can realize high speed flying function; 4, support external trigger and continuous take figure, a variety of image schema. Industrial camera can also be applied to machine vision detection system, such as glass size detection, mobile phone screen size measurement, hardware size detection, etc. Have multiple type industrial camera to meet different customer needs.
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