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The application of the industrial camera in the microscope

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
Industrial camera is one of important parts in the microscope, the human eye can only watch microscope in real time, the fatigue damage to the person eye is great at the same time, industrial camera can do real-time viewing, recording, storage, analysis, process in the medical and scientific research. Industrial camera in the microscope imaging principle is: when the observed specimen on the location of the focus is slightly a little bit outside of the objective, will be in front of the eyepiece focal point inside and near the focus position to form a magnified upside down real image, and then again through the eyepiece you can see a magnified virtual image upside down. If adjust the position of the object lens imaging, to make objective, as in the eyepiece focal point in front of the lateral like this through the eyepiece amplifier, can get one on the other side of the eyepiece through second amplification is made real image, when light is strong enough, sensitive chip recording industrial camera image, save to industrial camera inside. In order to obtain high quality and high resolution microscopy images, must choose professional industrial camera, microscope objective lens, and the professional illuminant, but also should pay attention to the selection of all sorts of color filter.
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