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The application of the telecentric lens in the machine vision system

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
The wide application of machine vision system is the inevitable result of the development of industrial automation, and the telecentric lens as a high precision detection and measurement of key components of the machine vision system, under certain conditions, its irreplaceable application advantages, mainly lies in the following aspects: 1, normal lens measurement objects if not in the same plane, need to adjust the magnification, the image of a telecentric lens magnification is not due to the changing distance. Therefore, when test object that is not in the same plane, will need to use the telecentric lens. 2, the telecentric lens has the characteristics of high depth of field, and is reflected by the depth of field lens focus, objects can clear imaging distance range. Once the object more than the lens depth of field, the image will become fuzzy, high depth of field can be observed with the thickness of the object can still have great clarity. Therefore, when detecting the thickness of the object, you need to use the telecentric lens. 3, in low distortion observation demand, need effect of image brightness is consistent, defects in the same direction only by parallel illumination can be detected, telecentric lens is the ideal alternative. 4, when the detection of complex workpiece, telecentric lens is applicable, deep hole inside the object, even if the observation can also be clearly visible. Can be customized for you telecentric optical lens, visual light source, such as machine vision systems hardware and software products, and provide one-stop services for you, make you more easy and quickly build your own automation system.
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