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The application of the telecentric lens in the metal workpiece inspection

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
In industrial development, metal workpiece is indispensable, the factory of the specifications of the production process of metal workpiece requirements also more and more high, the workpiece tested for defects and the size of the need, to ensure that the workpiece can meet the demand of production. High-precision metal artifacts themselves are all kinds of irregular longitudinal depth, the general optical system is often because of the depth of field is not big enough to take more pictures; Metal surface reflective is very strong, they be affected by parts edge reflective optical system, when measuring size because of edge reflective and cause measurement error. Double telecentric lens has the characteristics of low distortion and high precision detection, can guarantee the clear outline of the whole optical system accurate reduction artifacts and no distortion. Collocation one-click measurement software can achieve a high precision non-contact measurement of workpiece, avoid artificial factors caused the result of the deviation. With a telecentric lens one-click measuring instrument effective alternative to the traditional manual testing of the metal, reduce human costs, avoid human error, achieve high precision detection requirements, improve production efficiency.
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