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The application of variable times lens in the electronic circuit board

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Electronic circuit board is formed by the insulation materials supplemented by conductor wiring of structural components. When made into end products, it will install the integrated circuits, transistors, diodes and other all kinds of electronic components. Through wires connected, can form the electronic signal links and due function. Internal circuit board wiring requirements of high precision, easy to produce line adhesion, cross cause a short-circuit phenomenon, requires the industrial camera to test the product is qualified. Usually testing projects include electronic, circuit PCB solder defects, etc. Such as resistance welding defects, crack, delamination, virtual welding, white spot, etc. To solve these problems, can use high resolution 4 k times lens, tie-in general annular lamp interface, according to need any configuration or annular illumination light source. High contrast imaging, accurate rate and easier to detect the defect types, improve production efficiency. Circuit board testing the changing times, can bring companies better results!
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