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The application of video microscope in different industries

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
With the promotion of modern technology, the development trend of various components, motors, so difficult to carry on the processing to the human eye detection alone, so you need to use video microscope auxiliary examination, this article to introduce the application of the video under microscope in different industries. Video microscope in PCB detection is very important, whether it is used for observation of PCB protective layer of tin plating and welding defects, or used for observation hole defects, can be in an assembly line in the factory at any time to realize real-time sampling, can be made a surprise inspection before they go out, to realize the value of real-time applications such as checker at the scene of the negotiations, can achieve more than factory common observation, synchronous communication discussion. Jewelry making, video microscope is often used to check the design of the finished products details. Any flaw, manufacturing or natural material defects, material quality and process can easily see clue through the microscope. Car manufacturing, video microscope can be used for quality control, video microscope components can quickly detect different kinds and specifications, to provide reliable test results quickly, measure whether the parts delivery standards. Manufacturers, is a professional video microscope can provide free sample and cost-effective test solutions, more technical problems about video microscope welcome consultation.
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