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The calculation method of industrial camera parameters

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Industrial camera parameters affects the image quality of industrial camera, today with you understand each parameter calculation of industrial camera, facilitate better selection. Industrial camera corresponding field calculation method of field of view ( FOV) = working distance ( WD) * the CCD target surface model size ( V or H) / focal length ( f) Focal length calculation method of focal length ( f) = working distance ( WD) * the CCD target surface model size ( V or H) / view size height (or object FOV) Formula: industrial camera resolution ( μm) = 0. 61 ( A fixed value) x0. 55 ( Design wavelength) Present effective No = magnification F / 2 NA NA depth of field ( mm) = 2 ( Acceptable fuzzy circle diameter x effective F No present magnification (2) Luminous flux diameter ( φ) The height of the object = 2 nax + size view ( Perspective) Industrial camera display ratio and synthesis ratio: the application of minimal polyomial to monitor ratio = number of inches x25 monitor. 4 ( 1 inch) Present CCD camera diagonal size synthesis ratio = display ratio x optical electronic magnification ratio: electronic magnification is taking pictures with a camera imaging on CCD as presented in display magnification display magnification: display magnification is object was made through the lens imaging shows on the display magnification, display magnification = ( Optical magnification) X ( Electronic magnification) 。 Above is the industrial camera each parameter calculation, for type selection, can also be consulting technical support.
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