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The characteristics of the machine vision light source

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
The most striking feature of an intelligent machine is the effect of light source to achieve automatic recognition by machine vision, so this kind of machine vision light source determines the key factors for success or failure of the whole machine vision system. The current machine vision most USES is LED light source, light source that can be measured object and the background of utmost distinguish, can achieve the high quality and high contrast image, natural detection accuracy and speed of the machine vision system and efficiency are greatly improved. Below to continue by small make up take you to go to meet with the main application field of machine vision lighting and technical characteristics. 1, test. A high-precision quantitative detection ( Such as: classification of cells under the microscope, and some mechanical zero parts size and position measurement) , do not need to again another qualitative or half quantitative detection ( This is the appearance of the product inspection parts or assembly line identification, etc. ) ; 2, robot vision. The most commonly used is the kind of operation guide robots on a larger scale as well as the action, such as some extracted from assembly line to produce mixed and disorderly parts heap and in a certain position on the conveyor belt or other devices; And the small scale of operation and action, of course, this must also be realized by using the tactile sensing technology; 3 sources of light source, the first-class machine vision image and its quality directly affects the whole vision system is good or bad, so for illuminant design must be integrated many considerations, try to be a comprehensive and reasonable, let the image of the target information and background information to get the best separation, the algorithm of image processing and recognition difficulty will naturally be reduced, so the maximum possible increase the brightness of the target, is the guarantee of the image stability; As China is gradually becoming one of the world's most active regions in the development of machine vision, and this kind of machine vision is the most important machine vision lighting also has been widely used. Now covers industrial, military, aerospace, medicine, meteorology, astronomy and scientific research and other industries of national economy. This along with China's become the global manufacturing processing center, its corresponding advanced production line and high standards of parts processing, make the professional machine vision light source is more important in China.
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