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The common problems in the process of industrial camera

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
When we were in the use of industrial camera, will inevitably encounter some common problems, especially some new friends, sums up the related problem, which can solve on their own. A common problem: unable to install the camera driver? Solution: 1, the use of the operating system supports camera operation; 2, whether can find the camera in the device manager list; 3, reference manual install the driver. Common problem 2: run the DEMO out image? Solution: 1, open the lens aperture, or turn off camera to observe whether there is light; 2, driver installation is normal; 3, the DEMO use whether to open the continuous acquisition mode. Common problem three: image color is not straight, biased color? Solution: this happens, you can refer to instruction set the white balance. Common problem four: image ( Display) Not all? Solution: 1, confirm if the camera resolution to the largest; 2, the DEMO ratio can be adjusted to display area; 3, field size adjustment, if meet prime lens camera, only through a mobile object distance change view; If the camera zoom lens, focus after the first fixed view again; If the camera zoom lens, the change ratio can be adjusted field of view. Common problem five: noise, more not clear? Solution: refer to the instruction set the gain. The smaller the gain, noise, less is more clear. Common question 6: shoot ( Display) The image is too dark? Solution: refer to the instruction set the exposure time. The greater the exposure time, the brighter the image. Shot (common question 7: Display) Moving objects have a shadow? Solution: manually adjust the exposure time and gain, as far as possible to the minimum, at the same time with LED light source light shooting. Common question 8: how external trigger wiring? Solution: reference manual trigger Settings, general TRI + and TRI - TRI + charged; The trigger signal for high and low level trigger or trigger pulse signal. Shanghai optical technology co. , LTD, a professional production and sales of accessories, all kinds of machine vision professional trustworthy, if you have any doubt on the selection, please consult our customer service personnel, to provide you with technical guidance, thank you!
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