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The concept of strip light source and its application

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Gradually in recent years, the first-class bar light was well known, many unexpected events will use strip light, natural, this is due to its excellent performance. Also because of this, a bar of light source can be widely applied to various occasions. Despite the bar light source is more and more common, but some of us are not clear exactly what it is, if you are interested, it might as well come with me to my full understanding. There are many kinds of LED light source, light bar is one of them. General light bars are three rows of LED lights, have widened the six rows of LED light bar strip LED light source and high brightness large particles. It USES flexible, can be installed on high to high Angle of direct lighting effect, also can be installed on lower as low Angle lighting use. Strip light universal also strong, length varies from a few millimeters to several meters, can according to the actual need to order different size different colors of light. Strip light source is a lighting lighting light source from the side, the side light can avoid positive produce strong reflection. Generally use is kumite using two light sources, or combined into box type combination light irradiation to use in all directions. Since the strip light source mounted the platform of science and technology, it is widely used in various places, like a complete one mission has been applied to various occasions. First of all, the bar light source can be used to detect the printing words on the packing. Second, strip light source can be applied to the metal surface inspection, testing the LCD panel. Finally, strip light source can be used with line scan camera to detect defects, products such as packaging, shape recognition test. In addition, the light also can replace the straight type fluorescent tube, bar and has more than fluorescent strip lighting, long service life. In short, as long as there is a pair of good at discovering life's eyes, you will see, in fact, it has been quietly into the good quality strip light to our life. Science and technology can bring people happiness, say, like bar light source products will appear more frequently in daily life, by that time, our life would be like a strip light source the light of dazzling.
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