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The development trend of machine vision system

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Machine vision technology is based on the intake of the simulated the visual effect of image, and access to information content, various solution, finally to inspection, accurate measurement, identify and manipulate. Abroad at present, and the universal application of machine vision technology key to reflect in the semiconductor and electronic industry, such as circuit board packaging and printing, electronic packaging, SMT surface patch, electronic circuit welding welding, etc. , all need to the application of machine vision technology system. Generally speaking, the main machine vision industry chain including the parts of the upper level market, middle reaches of the system integration/machine equipment market and the downstream application market. Among them, the upstream parts market mainly include light source, lens, camera, image acquisition card, image processing software, hardware and software providers; The middle main integration and the machine equipment providers; With the constant improvement of all kinds of technology, machine vision downstream applications also constantly expanded, from the beginning is mainly used in electronic assembly testing, has developed into in recognition, quality inspection, measurement and the manipulator positioning is more and more wide range of industrial applications. Two-thirds of the current machine vision products terminal market for electronics manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and municipal transportation sector, but in the future development prospects, printing and packaging, food materials, pharmaceutical industry will further enhance the automation level, the demand for machine vision products also will continue to surge.
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