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The difference between and ordinary civil industrial lens

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
Lens is an important component in the machine vision system, has a key role on the imaging quality and its imaging quality of a few the most key indicators have influence, including: resolution, contrast, depth of field and all kinds of aberration. Lens not only sort is various, and the quality difference is very big also, but the average user in the system design is often the choice of lens attention is not enough, lead to can not get ideal image, and even cause the failure of system development. Industrial lens and the difference between ordinary civil in 1, the definition of different lens is among the highest in the resolution of the imaging plane center, in the edge of the poor. Can basically meet the definition of normal lens in the central resolution at the same time, the edge of the resolution to reduce a lot, such as the edge of the SLR resolution is lower. Determine lens sharpness has three key factors: 1) The lens material and purity. Lens of impurity is less, the less the interference light, image more clear; 2) The lens grinding precision. Lens grinding precision grinding equipment, the current domestic scenes from abroad differences on several of this lens; 3) The lens coating precision. Precise control of coating process is one of the determinants of lens sharpness. Additional megapixels lens using aspheric lenses, can reduce aberration, while compared with the normal lens improve clarity achieved miniaturization design; Through the special optical design technology, from center to the peripheral portion of the image quality to achieve high resolution, high contrast images, about 2 higher than that of traditional lens. More than five times the solution as force, shear or even in the image magnification, still can ensure high quality. 2, spectral transmission ability of different lens of spectral transmission also help improve the quality of image definition. Wide frequency of light transmission, will greatly improve the camera target to the light. Can enhance the contrast and brightness of the picture, the picture showed more abundant details. The edge of the ordinary camera brightness is low. 3, different spectrum correction ability only wide spectrum of transmission capacity for high-definition imaging is not enough, if the lens spectrum correction ability is insufficient, it will make some wavelengths of light cannot be accurately on the camera target imaging, the virtual image. This technique is by ordinary lens coating cannot be achieved. 4. Distortion rate is not the same as the human eye can distinguish distortion is greater than 3%, so the ordinary lens distortion of general design for 2% 3%. But for the industrial camera is often not enough. Lens can achieve ultra-low distortion, set the zero distortion. Which is very important for some high-precision operation test.
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