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The difference between industrial camera and smart camera

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Industrial camera is a key component of applying machine vision system, its most basic function is to convert optical signals to hd industrial camera for orderly electrical signals. Choose the right camera is also an important link of machine vision system design, the camera is not only directly determine the collected image resolution, image quality, etc. , at the same time, it is directly related to the operation mode of the whole system. Industrial camera commonly known as the camera again, compared to the traditional civil camera ( The camera) , for its part, has high image stability, high transmission capacity and high anti-interference ability, etc. , at present the industrial camera on market are mostly based on CCD and CMOS camera chip. Intelligent camera is not a simple camera, it is a highly integrated miniature machine vision it will image collection and processing and communications functions integrated within a single camera, which provides a pluripotent, modular, high reliability, easy to implement machine vision solution. At the same time, due to the application of the latest DSP, FPGA and mass storage technology, the intellectualized degree enhances unceasingly, can meet various application requirements in the field of machine vision. Smart camera function of each part are as follows: 1, the image acquisition unit: in intelligent camera, image acquisition unit is equal to the common sense of the CCD/CMOS camera and image acquisition card. It will be the optical image is converted to analog/digital images, and the output to the image processing unit. 2, the image processing unit: image processing unit is similar to the image acquisition and processing card. It can be real-time image data on image acquisition unit of storage, and with the support of the image processing software for image processing. 3, image processing software, image processing software is mainly in the image processing unit under the support of hardware environment, complete the image processing functions. Such as geometric edge extraction, Blob, gray histogram, OCV/OVR, simple location and search, etc. In the intelligent camera, the above algorithms are encapsulated into a fixed module, users can be directly used without programming. 4, network communication device: an important part of network communication device of intelligent camera, main control information, image data communication task. Smart camera is built-in Ethernet communication device, and support a variety of standard network and the bus protocol, so that more intelligent camera constitute a larger machine vision system.
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