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The importance of industrial camera in the machine vision system

by:Fugen      2020-10-16
The modern era of the rapid development of science and technology, the industrial revolution is no longer stay in simple industrial development level. With the continuous improvement of human life needs, the exploration and pursuit of science and technology more and more deeply, in the field of industrial automation has begun to enter the era of 'robot', industrial detection, drug testing, manufacturing monitored security monitoring, high precision measurement, identification, etc. , has achieved the application of machine vision. Using a combination of industry and industrial camera lens, which greatly improved the efficiency and effect of industrial manufacturing. Industrial camera is the eye of the machine vision field, starting from the testing items, has been the role of eyes, feedback test conditions for industrial camera, industrial camera is high resolution lens, using ultra-low distortion design technology, reduce the distortion rate, can be more real reflect the image effect. Because the technology can effectively reduce the lens distortion of reflective losses, reduce glare, increasing the contrast, effectively improve the color reducibility, improve image clarity. Industrial camera in accordance with the requirements of testing and measuring the object divided into long and short focal and zoom lens; Points, according to the ratio of the lens and lens can be divided into fixed times, manual change times, manual fine tuning, fixed times times, electric lens; Depending on the resolution and can be divided into five million pixels, one thousand pixels. Still have a kind of lens using a unique parallel optical path design technology, high resolution, large depth of field, the characteristics of low distortion. This kind of lens is industrial camera lens, lens distortion of the machine vision in the high demand. The emergence of the industrial camera, greatly accelerated the pace of the machine age. Machine vision to replace difficult artificial vision, effectively safeguard the interests of human and security. In the special environment of artificial cannot work normally, can using machine vision technology to achieve, opened up new areas of science and technology. Industrial development in the future, the machine vision technology will gradually replace manual operation, reduce labor costs, improve work efficiency. The development of machine vision and industrial updating has a great deal of contact lens, lens problem facing many industry, such as at a distance, under the condition of weak light, to overcome the lens can grab the target accurately, and to overcome the limitation of machine vision device, lens detection technology to improve in various background to be able to accurately detect the level, to further improve the 'artificial intelligence'.
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