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The influence of industrial camera of the machine vision system

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Nowadays there are many kinds of industrial digital camera, the price also is different. Users know the importance of the lens, but very few users know industrial digital camera of the machine vision system will have a big impact. If you want to let the machine vision system give full play to its function, then the camera's lens must reach a certain requirements. The user to select lens, can choose according to the following four factors, may be able to achieve satisfactory effect of use: first, can spot check object categories, and characteristics of the object. Second, to understand the depth of field or focal length lens. Third, the loading and check the distance. Fourth, the operation environment to have detailed understanding and cognition. While there are many kinds of lens, but if you can comprehensive consider these four factors, choose lens is not so difficult. Machine vision system is becoming more and more important, especially in the process of industrial process, if there is no guidance and recognition, machine vision systems equipment quality is not guaranteed. Believe the follow-up will also have more features, provide people with more information. Industrial digital camera, the machine vision system is very large, the importance of user in choosing a lens remember to think carefully, avoid choose lens improper use, waste cost.
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