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The mutual influence of relationship between industrial camera parameters

by:Fugen      2020-10-16
The mutual influence between industrial camera parameters relationship is need to know. A good industrial camera, in terms of resolution, Octavia, depth of field has a very good reflected, for a variety of aberration correction is also quite good, but at the same time the price will also be increased several times or even one hundred times. If we have some laws and experiences, in forming a system of choose and buy when the lens can avoid some losses, make the system achieve better effect. Here are specific to tell everyone about this problem. 1. The influence of the size of the focal length is the focal length is smaller, the greater the depth of field. The smaller the focal length, the greater the distortion; The focal length is smaller, vignetting phenomenon more serious, reduce aberration on the edge of the intensity of illumination. 2. Effect of the aperture size in the aperture, the greater the image brightness is higher; The smaller the aperture, the greater the depth of field; The larger the aperture, the higher the resolution. 3. As the central and edge like the edge of the high resolution center as a center high 4 edge light field intensity of illumination. The influence of the light wave length under the condition of the same camera and lens parameters, lighting source of the shorter the wavelength, the higher the resolution of the image. So in need of precise size and position measurement in the visual system, try to use short wavelength light as lighting source, have a great effect to improve the system accuracy.
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