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The parallel light source, what are the advantages of the back

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Parallel back light application has become an important subject in the optical industry, parallel to the back light of the development of science and technology has set a new standard of ordinary industrial back light, also set a lot of application of the technology standard of the industry, as compared to common light source, parallel back light what are the advantages? Combing with the professional advantages of parallel back light. First-class parallel back light has the following advantages: 1, highly uniform. 2. Ultra high brightness. 3 times higher than ordinary industrial back light brightness,. 3. Perfect heat dissipation design, low calorific value, especially in large area highlights the back light more showed excellent cooling performance. 4. Compact structure, and a thinner, lighter, adapt to the narrow installation space. 5. Across the high-temperature resistance to bending light source line. Good reputation parallel back light providers can not only provide first-class quality products, more able to according to the technical features of the industrial optimization and improvement, to provide due to market quality products of the masses. Starting from the product itself, in the process of industrialization meet the personalized needs of customers in all walks of life. For example 1, special design, parallel to the membrane structure is simple, the effect is good. 2, lightweight design, efficient use of materials, green environmental protection. 3, import the ultra-thin patch type LED, high brightness and good uniformity. 4, shell adopts precision mould and high precision CNC processing, small differences between different batches. 5, size is flexible, convenient and customized, wide application scope. 6, a variety of installations, facilitating the clients to install. Popular parallel back light, in order to ensure that the quality of the display screen, with high luminance, luminous uniform, large lighting Angle, adjustable, high efficiency, low power consumption, long life, light and thin, etc. Parallel to the back light source with high brightness, high color purity, long service life, strong adaptability, good reliability, low cost, easy to industrialization, and other advantages. With the development of technology, will become the ideal light source, and for the social development and progress and all walks of life to bring tremendous innovation and change.
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