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The plight of the industrial robot industry survey

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
Since 'made in China 2025' is put forward, the robot market started in the 'fever' state, local governments overweight robot project, the construction of a large number of robots industrial park, a lot of money into, 'high subsidy', 'price war', the enterprises have mushroomed, robots and even real estate, Internet companies are 'privilege' to a piece of points. Review of industry robot, from mergers and acquisitions boom, in 2016 to 2017 of investment boom, waste heat to 2018 investment, nearly 30 multiplication of financing scale, capital inflow for the industry to bring the spring breeze and subversion of the industry at the same time, the ecological system. At the same time, China's industrial robot has been 'low-end' high-end industry trends, and overinvestment in concern, robot blind expansion of enterprises and the problem of low level repeated construction. Domestic robot industry status quo of power under the capital this double-edged sword, it in promoting the robot industry scale rapid expansion at the same time, also brought a chicken feather. Investors are dividend policy subsidies and capital, to see the pursuit of 'fast forward fast return on capital,' the best investment object can listed three years; To the contrary, the industrial robot belongs to the low profile of traditional manufacturing, the company growth is slow, need long time accumulation, before the capital into the robot industry grow in fumble, through orderly competition of the market, some companies to have a real technology, the strength of the growth and development. Enterprise after obtaining financing in powerful robot, because investors do not understand industry and for the enterprise produce unrealistically high expectations and high valuation, is also a kind of pressure, the discovery of company growth than expected, not well execute their strategy and tactics, and cause the lack of hemopoietic ability, can only get higher valuation of financing rounds, alleviate the pressure from the previous round of investors. 2018 siu-tong treasure robots collapse and Rethink the ancestors of collaborative robot Robotics company failures are influenced by capital, the former is the first to obtain 'China robot certification' robot products, siu-tong treasure robot company last year was heard because of capital chain rupture in deep wave, founder ming-gao wang is now U. S. debt. The latter one. $500 million rounds of financing, but sales is low, cannot satisfy the expected growth, eventually because of capital chain problems. The robot's 'low price' strategy is feasible? Enterprises price war in the robot last year, leading to domestic enterprises profit greatly reduced, further lead to a reduction in the r&d, r&d spending reduction would, in turn, affect the performance of the products and sales, this cycle is also the difficulty of many modern domestic enterprise survival. Early by the spectacular nature of the low price strategy clearly is unfavorable to the development of industry, the implementation of the strategy of this kind of cheap, going the amount the company also can't meet the requirements of the benefits of investors, just loss-leader, as the capital of 'cool' will inevitably face a severe test. By the domestic market of industrial robots 'low-cost strategy', the influence of import robot 'quantity sale slip' situational or will continue. More and more focus to the Chinese market declining international giants have also been or started to prepare the price, of which the most kawasaki, only the enterprise have a price war in the capital, through a lot of shipments to China market. Industrial robot industry excess demand in fact can be seen from a series of data, although the market demand for robotic automation continues to rise, but China's robot market have appeared the trend of excess production capacity significantly, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2018 industrial robots production fell in October 3. 3%, since June 2018, has five consecutive monthly decline. Domestic enterprises how to break through the current robot foreign giants has developed to the mature stage, giant grasping the vast majority of the market, technology, low risk, high yield. And domestic manufacturer of robot is still in a low income from high-risk, leading to high risk, high income growth process. In internal excess production capacity, market stalls, foreign by the positive impact of foreign brands, domestic industrial robot enterprise is how to break through the problem we should think about. In 2018, although the industry financing proportion fell nearly 50%, but the amount is the sum of 2016 and 2017, and financing are increasingly focused on enterprise, some advantages of a single enterprise financing scale on the rise, mainly concentrated in machine vision, collaborative robot, such as AGV enterprises emerging niche. Industrial robot industry already belongs to the capital-intensive industries, the demand for capital. Under such background, the industry's best companies must take the initiative to study capital related knowledge, contact capital, knowledge capital, and make good use of capital. The article from the network, if there is any infringement please contact deleted!
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