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The right way to Check the Good Quality of LED

by:Fugen      2020-06-24
LED fluorescent office lighting, the nature of products Of the LED panel that lights, office lighting products is in truth the essence of the entire LED's light / watt, the involving space already been opened 80lm panel light efficiency, energy conservation fairly natural, energy is much more the important consideration . LED panel lights should pursue a more fundamental sense, the ultimate direction to be able to its lighting products. Is actually believed that low-carbon energy is important, lighting quality and get more attention. Not many of the lighting expertise of the premise, LED panel lights energy-saving is significant. LED panel lights to energy efficient lighting quality and combination. LED panel lights how to assess the quality and energy-efficient lighting? Evaluation of LED panel lighting quality and energy of the current office lighting design standards-based savings, with the average luminance, luminance uniformity, brightness, vertical uniformity, glare, centrifugal fan environment opposed to power density and other indicators. Focus on the lighting throughout workplace. There LED panel lights their own indicators, including lighting effects, light, color temperature, color rendering index, light failure, life, input power, nevertheless the LED panel lamp performance and quality, they are different but matching. Assessment by two basic LED panel lights quality and energy-efficient lighting. According to March 2009, Shenzhen LED light panel lamp considering that the test data, standard office lighting design and related indicators for the LED panel lights of our main upshots of the 2009 All-optical LED display approximately 50 - 80lm light efficiency comprehensive analysis / W Is actually about the mainstream level in 2010 70 - 90lm / W, with a combination view of the data path already been able meet up with the needs of all levels of illumination. According to design standards, making an allowance for lighting, power density, maintenance factors and also indicators, along with the Shenzhen office of the teachings learned internet of the actual situation. LED panel lights of the mainstream over sodium, index even higher than the 400-watt sodium lamp 250W, saving rate of 50% full. Lighting priority, taking into mind the energy Shenzhen City in recent years, test results, all of the light emitting efficiency of LED panel manufacturing, light failure compared to the international brands pertaining to instance poor quality, but the light (brightness index), light color (color temperature spatial uniformity), and other large gaps. LED panel lights as the technology matures, increasingly more more widely used, these defects in order to promote the resistance keeps growing. For the promotion of energy efficiency LED panel lighting is obvious, there might be stopped because fairly of low light. Can only be a pretty good lighting effect to win the support of the user, thus promoting large-scale application. Hydraulic accessories, therefore, close the wings of the lighting quality and energy-saving LED panel lights effects, one can not, must deal with the balance within two. Give high priority to economical lighting always be the focus of online marketing application.
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