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The role of telecentric lens in transparent glass defect detection

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
In the process of glass production, due to various factors, some defects may occur, so need to glass surface oil, dirt, fingerprints, edge knock against, to identify detection surface defects such as scratches, one of the transparent glass material, testing is relatively more difficult. Transparent glass reflective easily, using the optical system of the general positive lighting, most of the light through the glass transmission has very little light reflected back to the camera, will cause no obvious defects cannot be revealed. Transparent glass pervious to light quality good, the use of general optical system for transmission when polishing, encountered defects will form a multilayer diffusion, also leads to no obvious defects cannot be revealed. Using telecentric lens and visual light source can solve the problem of general and reflective optical system, pervious to light, the fine defects in products can be clearly shown, the detection accuracy is higher, improve customer production efficiency.
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