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The role of ultrasonic generator in ultrasonic welding system

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Ultrasonic welding is the use of high frequency vibration wave to the two need to welding surface. Can be used to weld hard thermoplastic plastics, processing fabric and film, etc. A set of ultrasonic welding system main components including ultrasonic generator, transducer, luffing rod/welding head three transmitte, mold and machine frame. Ultrasonic generator in the ultrasonic welding system, it is a key ring, basically has the following functions: 1. You can monitor the working frequency of high power ultrasonic system, power. 2. Can according to customer's request, real-time adjustment of various parameters, such as power, amplitude, running time and so on. 3. On completion of the automatic frequency following: equipment after the initial setup, can continuous operation without adjusted to the generator. 4. Amplitude control: transducer work load in the process of change, can automatically adjust the driving characteristics, to ensure stable amplitude of the tool head. 5. System protection: work in inappropriate operation environment, the generator will stop work and report to the police, according to protect equipment from damage. Batch production and sales of 15 k, 20 k high frequency respirator machine such as ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer, direct spot, can be detailed consultation.
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