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The three advantages of coaxial light source products

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
Machine vision light source is the source of light is commonly used in modern manufacturing components manufacturing tools, and coaxial light source is one of the kind of lighting technology. High quality coaxial light source can be widely used on the surface of reflective products such as glass, plastic, or product damage detection, edge detection chip carved characters, connectors, the discretion of the port inspection, qr code and product points, etc. The following is the use of some of the advantages of coaxial light source products sell like hot cakes. 1. Increase the rate of return, ensure the accuracy of the detection of coaxial light source products working principle is through the flat mirror offers diffuse, make coaxial light source can be perpendicular to the camera's lens. Through such coaxial illuminant, perpendicular to the surface of the mirror will be light, and scratches, tag, burn, sculpture and other areas will be dim because absorb light, compared with the traditional lighting, can be more uniform, more clearly reconstruct object surface, provide a more accurate lighting effect. 2. Glance to eliminate, reduce the reflection coaxial light source is set up in special optical glass. Will send out the light of the LED module light, first observed by total reflection and vertical irradiation to object. Observed from the light reflected in vertical ground objects through setting up special semipermeable half reflective glass, into the camera. Through such Settings, can eliminate eliminate tested reflections on the surface of the object, also can avoid reflection image in the camera. Thus can be widely used in the detection of surface reflective serious product surface such as glass, film, etc. 3. Advanced welding technology wave soldering technology on coaxial light source products, can carry on the product installation in the flank and front, meet different detection Angle and different shapes of objects detection requirements. The above mentioned is the use of coaxial light source products have some advantages. Through the summary of advantages, coaxial light source products best suited for detecting surface reflective high objects, for scratches on the surface of the thin metal, glass, rubber etc detection effect is remarkable. In addition, the chip, the breakage of the silicon wafer testing, product bar code identification and positioning also has certain effect.
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