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The use of the coaxial source principle and the matters needing attention

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Leds have many advantages, it is by far the most ideal light source. L coaxial light with LED light all the advantages, in addition to light after a special processing design can parallel vertical irradiation. When use it to illuminate the high reflectivity of metal and glass surface, will be able to see the surface concave and convex uneven image clearly. The detailed introduction to the principle of coaxial light and matters needing attention of sell like hot cakes: coaxial light source lighting principle in simple terms: in the coaxial light source is placed inside a piece of a semipermeable half the glass, the glass is 45 degrees Angle of tilt. Inside the light is a light face, it's light through the lens after exposure to a semipermeable half against the glass, was found by total reflection of light vertical object is reflected again, the reflected light vertical across the semi-permeable half the glass into the camera. So reflective is eliminated, it is good to avoid the film reflected the image of the camera. The surface of the object can be clearly present in the lens. Again, however, there are many details need to pay attention to the concrete operation process to achieve the desired effect, here are three typical coaxial light matters needing attention. The first note is that if handling edges have only a very slight damage, need a higher resolution, so we can choose the linear CCD camera. Choose the camera in the actual operation need to do a full consideration, accuracy and so on are considering range. The second consideration is in the actual installation, the coaxial light lens would determine after many repeated debug. Because of great influence on the position of the lens optical path, after repeated adjustment to reach ideal position can be fixed. The third consideration is coaxial light can only receive and vertical. With the object of arc light can't and vertical surface, also can't use this way to test. Based on the coaxial light use principle and the matters needing attention, it is not difficult to find high quality coaxial light source is mirror finishing check scratches and industrial attention to bearing damage is the ideal choice for edge detection.
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